Data Tables

Available data

Click here for a table containing all the basic parameters of the 2Jy sample objects including: redshift, RA and Dec and known optical and radio classifications.

Basic DataBasic_data.html
Flux dataFlux_data.html

Click here for a table containing fluxes from our observational campaigns in the Radio and Infrared.

On this page you will find tables showing the data available for the 2Jy sample objects that have been observed or collated from archives by the 2Jy collaboration. These tables can be used as a quick reference of available data.

To download a machine readable copy of these tables as well as the data and flux tables (right) click below. 

Download data tablesData_files/tables.xls
Available data for the 2Jy steep-spectrum sample
Available data for the entire 2Jy sample (z<0.7)

Data References

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Reference 5: Dicken et al. (2012)

Reference 6: Inskip et al. (2010)

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Reference 8: Ramos Almeida et al. (2011a)

Reference 9: Mingo et al. (2014) (In press)