2Jy Individual Object Publications

PKS0347+05: a radio-loud/radio-quiet double AGN system triggered in a major galaxy merger

Tadhunter, C.; Ramos-Almeida, C.; Morganti, R.; ; Holt, J.; Rose, D.; Dicken, Inskip, K.J.

2012, MNRAS, 427, 1603

PKS 1814-637: a powerful radio-loud AGN in a disk galaxy

Morganti, R.; Holt, J.; Tadhunter, C.; Ramos Almeida, C.; Dicken, D.; Inskip, K.; Oosterloo, T.; Tzioumis, T.

2011, A&A, 535, A97

Clear detection of dusty torus signatures in a weak-line radio galaxy: the case of PKS 0043-42

Ramos Almeida, C.; Dicken, D.; Tadhunter, C.; Asensio Ramos, A.; Inskip, K. J.; Hardcastle, M. J.; Mingo, B.

2011, MNRAS, 413, 2358

Enormous disc of cool gas surrounding the nearby powerful radio galaxy NGC612 (PKS0131-36)

Emonts, B. H. C.; Morganti, R.; Oosterloo, T. A.; Holt, J.; Tadhunter, C. N.; van der Hulst, J. M.; Ojha, R.; Sadler, E. M.

2008, MNRAS, 387, 197

PKS2250-41: a case study for triggering

Inskip, K. J.; Villar-Martín, M.; Tadhunter, C. N.; Morganti, R.; Holt, J.; Dicken, D.

2008, MNRAS, 386, 1797

Diverse young stellar populations in the intermediate-redshift radio galaxies 3C 213.1 and 3C 459: implications for the evolution of the host galaxies

Wills, K. A.; Tadhunter, C.; Holt, J.; González Delgado, R.; Inskip, K. J.; Rodríguez Zaurín, J.; Morganti, R.

2008, MNRAS, 385, 136

PKS1932-46: a radio source in an interacting group?

Inskip, K. J.; Tadhunter, C. N.; Dicken, D.; Holt, J.; Villar-Martín, M.; Morganti, R

2007, MNRAS, 382, 951

The co-evolution of the obscured quasar PKS 1549-79 and its host galaxy: evidence for a high accretion rate and warm outflow

Holt, J.; Tadhunter, C.; Morganti, R.; Bellamy, M.; González Delgado, R. M.; Tzioumis, A.; Inskip, K. J.

2006, MNRAS, 370, 1633

The giant star forming halo associated with the radio galazy PKS 1932-46

Villar-Martín, M.; Tadhunter, C.; Morganti, R.; Holt, J.

2003, MNRAS, 359, L5

Near-infrared spectroscopy of PKS 1549-79: a protoquasar revealed?

Bellamy, M. J.; Tadhunter, C. N.; Morganti, R.; Wills, K. A.; Holt, J.; Taylor, M. D.; Watson, C. A.

2003, MNRAS, 344, 80

Emission-line outflows in PKS1549-79: the effects of the early stages of radio-source evolution?

Tadhunter, C.; Wills, K.; Morganti, R.; Oosterloo, T.; Dickson, R.

2001, MNRAS, 327, 227

PKS 2250-41 and the role of jet-cloud interactions in powerful radio galaxies

Villar-Martín, M.; Tadhunter, C.; Morganti, R.; Axon, D.; Koekemoer, A.

1999, MNRAS, 307, 24

PKS 1932-464: a jet-cloud interaction in a radio galaxy?

Villar-Martin, M.; Tadhunter, C.; Morganti, R.; Clark, N.; Killeen, N.; Axon, D.

1998, A&A, 332,479

Radio jet interactions in the radio galaxy PKS 2152-699

Fosbury, R. A. E.; Morganti, R.; Wilson, W.; Ekers, R. D.; di Serego Alighieri, S.; Tadhunter, C. N.

1998, MNRAS, 269,701

PKS2250-41 and the Role of Jet Cloud Interactions in Powerful Radio Galaxies

Villar-Martín, M.; Tadhunter, C.; Morganti, R.; Axon, D.; Koekemoer, A.

1998, Ap&SS, 263, 67

Radio, optical and X-ray observations of PKS 2250-41: a jet/galaxy collision?

Clark, N. E.; Tadhunter, C. N.; Morganti, R.; Killeen, N. E. B.; Fosbury, R. A. E.; Hook, R. N.; Siebert, J.; Shaw, M. A.

1997, MNRAS, 286, 558

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